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Chagwa Privacy Charter

1 Privacy Statement

Within this privacy charter, Chagwa wants to make it clear to you how we collect and process your personal data and how we will assure the respect for your privacy.
Be informed that we will process your personal data according to the law and the spirit of the European General Data Protection Regulation. The and websites respect the privacy of all users of the website and takes care that all information is kept strictly confidential.

2 How we will use your data

Your personal information is ONLY used for sharing information on Chagwa events and Chagwa related news, period. It will never be shared with any other 3rd party, albeit commercial partners, sponsors, partnering organizations .... Simply put: we will not share your information outside this website.
However, please be informed that this website is subject to the Belgian and European legislation. Personal information can be released as demanded by Belgian law.
When you subscribe to this mailing list, we collect your name and your email address, and verify your email address is correct. We only use this information for Chagwa related email, e.g. for training updates, really useful information, or for password resets. Yes, we know what spam is, and we hate spam just like you. So, it's as simple as this: we will never share your email address.
Cookies: it is possible that uses cookies for its own internal use and also cookies put on the website by other companies (e.g. google). We also use cookies to improve your personal experience on this website. The cookies will not be analyzed or dispersed. You have the possibility to block cookies in your browser, but then you need to accept that some functionality of this site will no longer work.

3 Your Rights

We at and will be open and transparent in the way we process your data. You can contact us to come to the insights on what personal data exists on you within Chagwa, how it can be consulted and corrected if needed, how an electronic format of it can be obtained and how you can get a restriction or an objection against a certain processing or even how we can forget about you.
A first step in the execution of your rights, is for us to make sure that you are who you say that you are. In order to proof this, we might ask you to confirm your email address, e.g. by sending you a confirmation email with a link that must be clicked to confirm you are a real person.
When contacting us for exercising your rights, try to be as specific as possible. This will enable us to deal with your request concretely and correctly.

3.1 Right of Information

The first right that you have, is the right to be informed about your Personal Data that is being processed by Chagwa, and how it is dealt with. This charter will provide you this information and will be detailed out if specific services require a more in-depth information sharing.

The coordinates of the Data Controller are the following.
        Represented by Jürgen Van Gorp
        Kaliebaan 22
        2460 Tielen
        Tel: +32 14 65 1900

Any request regarding Data Privacy and/or the execution of your Rights in this matter should be addressed to the Data Protection Manager at
        Chagwa Data Protection Manager
        Kaliebaan 22
        2460 Tielen
        Tel: +32 14 65 1900

3.2 Right of Access

You have at all time the right to get an insight on what personal data is processed at Chagwa. To execute that right, please contact the Data Protection Manager for whom you can find contact details higher.

3.3 Right of Rectification

In case the data that we possess has become out of date and/or contains incorrect elements, you can inform us and ask for a correction to be made. Please send your updated information to the Data Protection Manager for whom you can find contact details higher. We will rectify your details as soon as possible, and will inform you about the corrected details.

3.4 Right of Objection

In case we are processing your data without your explicit agreement or without any other contractual or legal basis, because Chagwa needs to do this in its own interest, then you have the right to object against this processing.
For this execution of your right, we need to know explicitly against which processing you are objecting and you must know that this might potentially make further providing of services impossible.
Again, requesting for this can be easily done via contacting the Data Protection Manager for whom you can find contact details higher.

3.5 Right of Restriction

In the situation where we disagree on the usage of your Personal Data or composition of it, you can ask for a restriction of further processing of your data. Restricting the processing of your data will possibly result in a – temporary – impossibility to provide services.

3.6 Right To Be Forgotten

You have the right to ask that Chagwa does no longer process any of your Personal Data. As far as there are no legal restrictions or obligations, Chagwa will immediately accept this request and will execute your right by deleting all of your personal data in our records. To execute this right, please contact the Data Protection Manager for whom you can find contact details higher.

3.7 Possibility to file a complaint

To complete the view on your rights, we want to inform you that you have the possibility to file a complaint towards the Belgian Data Protection Authority CPP (Commission for the Protection of Privacy, formerly known as the Privacy Commission) via
This is an option that is left, when Chagwa does not react to your requests in the foreseen timeframes or when the response does not satisfy your expectations. This option can also be used when Chagwa is processing your personal data in an unlawful way.

4 What Data is processed and for what reason

Chagwa is a Project Management Methodology driven by a group of experienced Project and Program Managers. You are invited to be part of the Chagwa Framework. To be able to be part of that community, we need elementary information about you, so we can contact you and provide feedback.
Therefore, the following minimal information is stored when you subscribe to the Chagwa mailing list and to the forum.

  • Your name, which you can choose for yourself.
  • Your email address, which is verified by sending an email to confirm your subscription.
  • The IP address from which you subscribed, as evidence from where the subscription was sent from.
  • The date when you subscribed.

5 Data Retention

The Chagwa team only retains your data as long as we need it to effectively serve you, or to comply to legal obligations in accordance with this privacy policy. In this context, an annual review is carried out to determine which data is in need of an update or can be removed. Of course, you always have the right to rely on your rights as explained above.

6 Information Security

Chagwa undertakes all suitable technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data provided and collected from

  • destruction,
  • loss,
  • unintended alteration,
  • damage,
  • accidental unlawful access
  • or any other unauthorized processing of personal data.
Only site admins or selected senior Chagwa members have access to your personal data. No-one else within or outside of Chagwa is granted access to your personal data.

7 This Privacy Charter

This Privacy Charter has been updated on 30-Apr-2018, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.