Allowing Change, Agile and Waterfall Projects in the Organisation



The CHAGWA V1.0 authors are proud to announce to you that this is the official birthday of CHAGWA.

Chagwa is a project management methodology. Its target is to describe ways how to manage changes to a Product in a structured and consistent way. It provides tools and techniques for successful and controlled project management that still allows flexibility in how the Product is managed through projects.

Chagwa defines different types of tracks for managing these changes, and provides guidelines which track is most favorable for what type of change. Smaller changes to the Product will typically be done through simple Change Control, e.g. vendor maintenance or patches. Larger upgrades may require a project approach through one of the three project management tracks defined in the Chagwa framework.

Chagwa also proposes artefacts for documenting the Product and how changes are done to the Product. The Business defines which artefact is used for Product Documentation. The Program Management and Compliance organizations may require additional artefacts for proper project documentation.