Allowing Change, Agile and Waterfall Projects in the Organisation

Chagwa was presented at the Bayard Customer Event on Digital Transformation.


The Bayard event on Digital Transformation used the concept of Distrans to explain how changes should closely connect to the Business. The feedback from the Captains of Industry in the audience were surprising.

Digital transformation will help you deliver your product faster. The time-to-market will have shorter timelines. Changes to the product will be done faster. You may even decide to bring a product on the market before it is completely engineered out. Updates then need to be pushed out on a regular basis and with short timelines.
Here is the point: it is all about the Product. You have a core product that is the reason for your organisation to exist. It can be tangible, it can be a service, it can be non-profit. With digital transformation, you need your organisation to be product-centric. In other words: you want to keep the Distrans as low as possible.
Distrans is the distance of a resource in relation to your core product. Assume the example of an industrial bakery ….
Companies that are organised as separated silos have a higher Distrans. Writing your own software adds to the Distrans. Companies with a complex management structure have a high Distrans. Outsourcing results in a higher Distrans. A larger Distrans will result in extra layers of communications and procedures. It slows down your time-to-market. It makes the processes more complex and inherently makes digital transformation more difficult.
The way how the product is changed, must be dictated by the Product, and not by your program management organisation. For many years I have analyzed how project management is done in different companies. Ten years back nobody questioned Waterfall project management. Today I see that organisations dogmatically change to Agile project management. My analysis is that there is also a third type: Change driven project management.
Look at the Product first and how you make changes to that product. This has resulted in the Chagwa project management methodology. Chagwa is also product-centric. It is no longer the Project Management Organisation that defines the project methodology. Chagwa keeps the Distrans low and makes the changes to the Product determine which of three project management methodologies is used for executing the change.

The result is that an organisation needs project managers that know Change management, Waterfall and Agile. The result is also that your Product can be changed by different project types at the same time. For that reason, Chagwa defines the Integration Layer. This Integration Layer allows multiple projects to deliver product increments in parallel.
Digital transformation will result in faster turnaround times. While you are moving towards Digital Transformation, you also need to consider changing your organisation. A good approach is by re-organising with the Product in mind. This is also the case for your project management organisation. Chagwa can help in achieving that Product focus.