Allowing Change, Agile and Waterfall Projects in the Organisation

Why Chagwa?

Many organizations are hesitating between an Agile and Waterfall approach for doing project management. The Chagwa theory adds change control to the list of project approaches and provides rules of thumb for selecting the right project management methodology.
The Chagwa project methodology is a full set of processes that guide you through a project end-to-end and allows governance for each type of project. It touches the different types of organizations that best support a project methodology, while still allowing different types of projects to run in parallel and be integrated.
Finally Chagwa proposes a set of documentation templates that allow projects to be executed compliant. The set of Chagwa processes and artifacts can be adopted to scale your project management organization up to the right level of management and documentation requirements.

What is Chagwa?

Chagwa is a project management methodology that integrates different project management styles. It allows to manage Change, Agile and Waterfall driven projects to be run in parallel.
Chagwa defines different types of tracks for managing these changes, and provides guidelines which track is most favorable for what type of change. Smaller changes to the Product will typically be done through simple Change Control, e.g. vendor maintenance or patches. Larger upgrades may require a project approach through one of the three project management tracks defined in the Chagwa framework.
The Chagwa project management methodology comes with a series of ready-made processes and techniques. Tools and techniques are provided for successful and controlled project management that still allows flexibility in how the Product is managed through projects. The methodology is adaptable to your organization’s needs, and has everything to start a program management organization from scratch.
To accelerate building out a Project Management Organization different artifacts are suggested. Chagwa proposes artefacts for documenting the Product and how changes are done to the Product. The Business defines which artefact is used for Product and Project Documentation. The Program Management and Compliance organizations may require additional artefacts for proper project documentation.
Templates for the different artefacts suggested are provided for free.