Allowing Change, Agile and Waterfall Projects in the Organisation

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This is a two-days master class on Project Management using the Chagwa methodology This course consists out of six modules that describe how three Project Management methodologies can be used in parallel and still be integrated.

The Chagwa Framework was presented at Jump IT in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Jump IT Forum for key players in the ICT industry invited Chagwa for a presentation. The forum was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Trainings on Chagwa have started

Seventeen trainees attended the first training on Chagwa. This training was given in collaboration with the Bayard Partnership, and was attended by experienced project and interim management specialists.

Chagwa was presented at the Bayard Customer Event on Digital Transformation.

The Bayard event on Digital Transformation used the concept of Distrans to explain how changes should closely connect to the Business. The feedback from the Captains of Industry in the audience were surprising.

The Castle was presented for the first time in Budapest

The Castle book was presented for the first time at the 5th Art of Projects Conference in Budapest Hungary. Imre Szalay was the host for this excellent congress.



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